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1254 Austin Hwy, San Antonio, Texas 78209

(210) 816-1982

1254 Austin Hwy, San Antonio, Texas 78209

Beyond Education

It’s about more than tutoring;

It’s about

Lifelong Learning

Your child was born to be successful.

We are here to support you and your family.. We believe that every child has natural strengths, gifts, and talents, and his or her greatest momentum is achieved through clarity of those unique giftings.

If your kid is stressed, you’re stressed.

Maybe you just spent another school night with your child in tears, or maybe your child was just diagnosed with dyslexia or ADHD. Whatever the reason, We know that stress affects the whole household. So when your kid is stressed, it means you’re dealing with it too. And even if you can help them with that math problem or edit their paper, we know they often won’t let you. Having another person, a Mentor, who you trust and who your child bonds with takes the stress out of learning. That’s where we come in!

We offer 1-on-1 support tailored to your child’s unique learning style.

Whether it’s preparing for the SAT or learning phonics, our Beyond Mentors work with students grades PreK-12 helping to build confidence and improve grades. In the process, they learn the valuable skills of time management, stress management, and organization that are necessary to be successful in school and life.

We meet students where they are.

In Person or Virtual Sessions. 

PreK-12 grades

Learning Disability support (including dyslexia, dysgraphia, autism, ADHD, processing issues.Contact us for more information on how we support students with learning disabilities)

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Whether you’re homeschooling a kindergartner or getting ready to send a busy, super-involved high schooler off to college, we provide resources and support for all phases of education. Our work with your student extends beyond managing daily homework or memorizing test answers.

What Parents are Saying

Mom of 1st grader

“Sarah has worked with our son and made a huge impact on his reading ability and confidence. He started reading shortly after he started working with her and we know it was because of her direction and care. She has also taken his story telling ability to the next level and we can read these stories easily now with the handwriting work he’s done with her.”

Father of Homeschool Student

“I was a bit concerned that a teacher might not be able to adapt to my son’s attention
span or special needs but (our Mentor) has proven to be a master at it. She has figured
him out at an amazing pace and they have bonded as teacher student so seamlessly
that his learning appears to just be natural.”

High School Student

“Without Lara I really don’t know if I could have finished high school, and I know I wouldn’t be going to Tulane. From English to math, Lara is like an all-knowing machine that can help you crank through hours of homework, keeping you entertained every step of the way!”

High School Student

“I met with a college student who was scoring low marks on her assignments and failing her exams. For three weeks, we worked through homework and identified study skills. Turns out, all she needed was a more individualized approach to learning math! She took the final, and brought her average up from failing to a high B!”